OK, y'all, we need another JCO 5 on campus due to a recent resignation.  Some of you may see it as your Big Chance To Move Up in the agency, or a means of increasing your income.  Others may look forward to increased responsibilities, prestige, authority, etc.  Who knows?  All I know is that I DON'T want the job, thank you!

The Ideal Candidate (IMHO) would be someone with at least 5 years experience as a lower level JCO... with some college... a parent who's raised teenagers (so you're going to have to be somewhere around 40 or so)... preferably who lives somewhat locally so they can quickly be reached and respond to problems when necessary.  The candidate should be willing to work the dorm on their assigned shift and to work extra shifts if need be to ensure dorm coverage.  They need to have a high standard of ethics, and understand The System as it is... and they'll need to be able to get along with those of other races, ages, and sex.   Leading by example is what we'll want to see in this new JCO 5 -- NOT someone who leaves co-workers out hanging, sleeps on duty, and employs bribery as a means of gaining compliance.  Ideally, we'll want someone who can handle the paperwork, the kids, and co-workers equally -- it's not an easy task, but that's why THEY get paid the Big Bucks!

Perhaps an Open Door Policy should be instituted instead of the current situation:  We got a new JCO 6 once and they never ever spoke a single word to me over a period of months... not a word.  Mostly this was due to the fact they were rarely on the dorm, but still -- I'd think a new supervisor would take it upon themselves to acknowledge ALL staff who worked under them in a timely manner.  Truth is, this 6 DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR OR KNOW what us 1-4's were having to deal with on a daily basis.  This is a major reason the dorm is in the shape it is -- no communication.  No staff meetings to discuss dorm concerns.  Why should we expect things to be any different??  

So if you're looking to move up to a JCO 5, give it some thought -- will you work to be part of the solution, or cop out and be part of the problem?  Are you in it for selfish reasons -- or for helping the kids?  Do you WANT feedback, positive AND negative, or will you simply keep your head buried in the sand and hope not to be affected by the reality of what's going on all around you?  HUH??  What's it gonna be?

Being a Supervisor is NOT a position to be in for thin-skinned people.  You have to accept the fact that people won't like you, will try to get over on you, will lie, and not see you as a "friend" anymore once you've reached this position.  It's not about being in a popularity contest -- it's about doing the job best you can and motivating co-workers to do the same.  No, it's not easy or fun, but I know from past personal experience it can be rewarding work.  It can also get you fired.  TYC has an unfortunate habit of setting people up for failure when they promote some poor schmuck to JCO 5 and then just waiting till they slip and fall before firing them, sad to say.  Seen it happen more than once; don't let it happen to you should you be thinking of trying to "move up" in this organization.  What you see is not necessarily what you get!