I've got a bit of a problem with this program:

*  Pool tournements??!  Just what the little hustlers need.  See y'all at Bernie's in a few years, SUCKERS!!  Geeeze.

*  What does a place that offers slip-n-slides, cookouts, movies, snow cones, video games and karaoke contests sound like to YOU?  A cruise?  Boy Scout camp?  A damn RESORT??!  Or a maximum security prison for juvenile felons?  YOU TELL ME!

*  Excuse me, but even though Michael Jackson could dance like nobody else and had some catchy tunes over the years, do we really need to make a special tribute to a guy who was easily as well known as Whacko Jacko -- with quite a list of bad habits.  No one's perfect, and musicians in general may lead wild and crazy lives... but when I think of him the FIRST word that comes to MY mind is "pedophile".  And what's up with the have to be over 18 restriction to listen to the "classic" hip hop music?  What are we talking about here -- 2 Live Crew?  Again, sorry, as popular as it is nowdays, I'm not real versed on popular music.  When I think of rap or hip hop, the first word that comes to MY mind is... well... never mind.  No accounting for tastes, I suppose.

*  When the kids get $6K of new games and toys, that just plain pisses me off.  We're no more than lazy parents who sit the kids in front of a monitor/TV and expect them to raise themselves and keep quiet.  I'm ashamed.  They KNOW they haven't EARNED these things.  They KNOW their behavior shows they don't DESERVE -ANY- extra goodies, bribes for compliance, call it what you will.  So how nice to be locked up in Giddings this summer.  What a great summer -- nothing compared to back home, for sure!

On the bright side, there will be a spelling bee held.  I'd like to have it known how many kids competed.  Bet not many.  Guess there's no harm in a Talent Show, but I have to ask WHY have it?  So they can sing and dance and get pictures taken?  GSS isn't intended to be a university for thespians.  We have to keep focused:  This is a REFORM school, or a PRISON or SOMETHING like that, isn't it?  If they have talent shows at TDCJ, I won't complain about having them here.

In the Summer 2011 Activites info sheets, 13 points are listed.  In point 13 alone, the word "please" is used EIGHT TIMES, mostly in regards to access to the new games.  Hmmmm.  Can't remember the last time admin/supervisors said THAT WORD to ME, but ohhhh, well.  And I cannot BELIEVE they only "MAY" lose their video games privileges IF they have NO MORE than three referrals the day before.  YIKES!!  They could have a damn RIOT on Thursday and playing ?? what kinds of games Friday night.  My idea would be no more than 3 referrals a WEEK, to start -- HOW MUCH are we willing to put up with to snow the kids under with all these new movies, music, games, etc?  Don't ask me... I just work here.