Had a new staff of a few months quit yesterday in the middle of their shift... what does that tell you?  It tells ME --

  • They were not given proper support from Admin/their supervisors to handle the stress.
  • The dichotomy between what they learned at Corsicana and the reality on the floor was too wide to bridge.
  • The dorm was seen as a dangerous place and not worth the pay, given the potential for injury.
  • There was nowhere to go and no one for them to turn to to get the encouragement and help they needed.
  • The kids are out of control, vulgar, threatening, and disrespectful and they just couldn't manage the abuse.
  • Staff was simply frustrated, angry, disappointed, and disgusted with the way things are run around here.

Or... am I just being an old sourpuss?  Yeah, I just worked an at-least "scheduled" (and not dumped on me at the last moment) 12 hour shift last time... and worked with 18 teenage felons ON MY OWN for most of the shift... and  was disregarded by fellow staff when I told them that there was trouble brewing between two youth on the "B" side -- they were going to work on the other side of the dorm and acted like it was a waste of my breath to tell them.  Now, with this latest development it looks like it'll be even MORE 12's to come, as people will be calling in more now, rather than have to work by themselves -- and/or be taking more stress leave FMLA and such.  So what's new?

It's a shame.  It's sad.  When people quit a job in the middle of a shift it means, in short, that they got to the END OF THEIR ROPE and saw no other option other than to quit or let go.  Ever felt that way?  Yeah, me too.  Retaining valuable (and costly to procure) employees should be of prime concern here -- but THAT would require Admin REALLY CARING about what's going on here, maybe actually visiting the dorms and getting honest and genuine feedback and LISTENING TO US... can't they see what's happening here or are they in a see/hear/speak no evil mode?

ALL IS NOT WELL at TYC Giddings, and we all know it.  What'll happen to the kids when EVERYONE bails out?