It might help clarify issues facing us all if a POLL was conducted.  I think if honest questions were asked and honest answers provided it would be possible to focus on problems and solutions, instead of just having folks whine and deny.  So here's some questions you can consider... 1 is lowest/least/no  and 5 is highest/most/yes.  You can respond using the SHOUT BOX on the THINKING REPORTS page and indicating by entering question number and your answer.

1. Do you think the Admin/Supervisors babies/pampers our youth, making our jobs even harder?
2. Does your JCO 5 communicate with you regularly in a clear, honest, and respectful way?
3. How likely do you see yourself working here a year from now?
4. How likely do you see yourself working here 3+ years from now?
5. Has it been over three months that you've had a full staff meeting on your dorm? (NO=1, YES=2)
6. Is the JCO 6 on your dorm scheduled to work specific shifts, and if so, do they actually put in 8 hours?
7. Have you had to pull 12 hour shifts an average of least once a week in the past month?
8. Do you generally get "most" of the days off you request?
9. Have you ever filled out a grievance on another TYC Giddings staff?
10. Have you ever been "under investigation"?

This is just a START.  I'm considering putting a Poll Booth widget on the site where visitors can vote on issues and see what others think... sound good?