So what's new?

Kids are regularly getting up on top of the buildings again -- nothing new there.  STILL no one has had the will to put enough barb wire up around these places to keep the kids off; don't wanna hurt 'em, right?  But just wait till one falls off!!  Oh, the lawsuits that'll follow.

I hear a long-standing reading teacher at the school just up and resigned... said she wasn't willing to work in such a dangerous (and presumably deranged) environment.  What does the Admin think about that, I wonder... do they CARE?  Guess not.  Yes, we ALL KNOW this is a dangerous place to work, but NO ONE should have to put up with the unnecessary ADDITIONAL dangers we're exposed to due an illegal lack of employees and adherence to policies that can make it safer, if nothing else.  So nothing new there, either.

What else?  Oh -- I was told a veteran JCO 5 -- one that I used to work with and actually respect -- is saying she's gonna be bailing out soon for the same reason  ~~ it's just too dangerous, too unpredictable, too much too much too much BULLSHIT, to put it plainly.  This staff is one of the nicest folks on campus, and has a great rapport with the youth, but like so many others recently she can't justify staying due to the meltdown that's been occuring here.  I'll be sad to see her go.  The good ones are getting out while the getting is good, it seems.  The rest are still out on FMLA.  No surprise.  Ohhh, well.

Been hearing and seeing evidence of increased dissention in the rank and file, and that for SURE is no surprise!  NO WONDER the kids are out of control -- the line staff are discouraged, feels unappreciated, frightened for their safety/lives, and have lost hope that what they are doing CAN or will have any positive impact on the lives of the kids we work with.  The kids are going to get away with what ever they can, which is pretty much ANYTHING anymore, eh?  Didn't USED to be that way.  It's the same old story now, though.  Nothing new.

Y'all keep your fingers crossed -- it may the best and only defense we have!