It's hard to have hope of anything getting better on campus when they hold a meeting and don't address the CURRENT PROBLEMS we have... and pass out funky little questionnaires with confusing questions instead of ASKING FOR FEEDBACK.  Sigh.

I guess Admin and Those Above JUST DON'T GET IT, and it may be time to speak out louder to be heard?  Please read over the latest postings on the GUESTBOOK (link is on homepage) and offer any input you may have -- there's some good stuff being written there that might be just the ammunition we need to light a fire under SOMEONE who will take our issues seriously!!  That last inspector/investigator from Austin doesn't seem to have made a dent in anyone's awareness concerning what's really going on... we can only HOPE someone CARES enough to pay attention, it seems.  I don't trust The System to be able to fix anything, so it may take jumping over a few underlings to get to whoever it is that has the authority to take action.  We'll see.

Monkey see... monkey do.