Yes, it's another shift of slogging through the motions of meaningless paperwork, confrontments, firm/fair/consistant personal behavior, day by day.  Who cares, who knows, who bothers?  Well -- a lot of things bother me on the job.

But here's the catch -- the worse it gets around here, the more people we have going out on stress leave.  That REALLY bothers ME, since I don't go that route.  We're ALL stressed, kids and JCO's and everyone else... right?  But when things get un-manageable, like they are now on the dorms, many staff (I'd say supervisors proportionally moreso) go out on STRESS LEAVE and that means whoever is left working has to pull more hours which makes THEM stressed -- so THEY go out, too.  This is how dorms end up with the single staff shift coverage and/or no home dorm staff to do that shift.  When two visiting staff are holding down an unfamiliar dorm it could mean BIG TROUBLE.

Some visiting staff might get hurt since there's no sense of common expectations on the dorms anymore.   The kids might REALLY RESENT some new hire coming on their dorm and trying to run things "by the book".  I think we ALL need a refresher course on what the ground rules are here nowdays if Admin is to expect us to do our jobs appropriately.  We JCO's need to be consistant among OURSELVES, mostly, for our own protection.  When we go to work on a unfamiliar dorm it's crucial that we communicate with our co-worker as to expectations and common goals for the upcoming shift.  Do the best you can to eliminate stress however possible.

But hey, I'M STRESSED!!  Yeah, I can go to my doctor and have her sign me up for a week off.  That'd be cool, and make the cost of my high blood pressure meds seem more worthwhile... got loads of sick time available, too... and haven't gotten any asked-for days off in coming up on 3 months, so WHY NOT?  Everyone else does it!!

Tell me... am I fool for NOT doing so?

"Might makes right" at TYC GIDDINGS, be it staff, kids, admin, whatever -- and the more you just shut up and do your job, the more they feel they can screw you over.  You-know-what rolls downhill, and us JCO's have to clean up the mess.  The higher up you are here, the less you have to work, or at least the more you can get away with it.  If you're big and mean enough, you can simply try to bully and intimidate those who don't stand up for themselves.  Those who don't feel comfortable LYING will usually just shut up and do what they're told rather than argue with a uber-supervisor or staff.  How the kids are ever going to learn pro-social behavior from staff who are lazy, incompetent, racist, sexist, everything=else-ist is beyond MY comprehension!  Do we, as JCO's even come CLOSE to rolemodeling the 5 Basic Rules in our dealings with youth and fellow staff??

Tell me!!