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All too familiar story...

Posted by JCOfficers on Monday, August 15, 2011, In : Newbies 
Had a new staff of a few months quit yesterday in the middle of their shift... what does that tell you?  It tells ME --

  • They were not given proper support from Admin/their supervisors to handle the stress.
  • The dichotomy between what they learned at Corsicana and the reality on the floor was too wide to bridge.
  • The dorm was seen as a dangerous place and not worth the pay, given the potential for injury.
  • There was nowhere to go and no one for them to turn to to get the encouragement and h...

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The way things USED to be...

Posted by JCOfficer on Saturday, July 9, 2011, In : Newbies 
The kids wore orange clothes.
They marched, and called cadence.
They all did "parade rest" etc etc.

They could lose their stage if they exhibited poor behavior.
High state youth acted as mentors.
Zero tolerance meant zero tolerance and everyone knew what that meant.

There's soooo much history a Newbie here will never know unless told about.  Anyone who worked here prior to the 2007 sex scandal revelations really knows what the "old days" were like... ASK THEM if they don't tell you about how situat...
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