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The TAO of TYC

Posted by JCOfficer on Tuesday, August 16, 2011, In : Real Kudos 

If you need to ask what TAO is, you don't need to know, and I can't tell you.  It's just the way it works.

But everyone intuitively grasps, I feel, the SPIRIT of the Tao... whether they act upon it or not.  And the Tao of TYC is the way we do business -- for better or worse.  We either Do, or Not Do.  That is the Way.  There is no other way.

TYC Giddings has lost its Tao.  We're given a course and told to set sail on a rudderless ship... so finding our destinat...

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Posted by JCOfficer on Monday, August 8, 2011, In : Real Kudos 
It's not the BEST institutional food I've ever had, but I'd say the food served at the school, overall, is pretty OK.  It's not a lot of food, but enough, for sure.  Not much seasoning as typical in institutions, but prepared well and nutritious.,  Variety is not that emphasized, but it beats "food loaf" at TDCJ, I'm sure.  And, it's generally served hot and fresh.  I've sampled all three meals and don't see how the kids can legitimatly complain about what they're being fed.

The servers, both ...
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Dirty Harry v.s. Punk: "CLASS ACT"

Posted by JCOfficer on Tuesday, July 12, 2011, In : Real Kudos 

Gotta love that Callahan character -- sometimes it's hard not to just say what you really think to the young people of today, and offer some advice and wisdom, as well.  When Dirty Harry speaks, like to the punk in the video clip (link below)-- he caught the guy's undivided attention right away, had a few wods for him, and was given kudos by a co-worker.  How cool is THAT??

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That's the way the Big Boys do it!

Posted by JCOfficer on Friday, July 8, 2011, In : Real Kudos 
Getting better at this; click on the link below for a pretty exciting YouTube video.  I'm still wanting to work it out so  the video shows are in a regular window here on the blog, but for now I'm happy to have got this working as well as it does.  Smile.

I'm NOT suggesting we do anything like this at TYC Giddings, necessarily, but I can see it WORKS.  When these guards say ZERO TOLERANCE, they MEAN it.


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