Ever hear the old Dylan song where he sings "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" -- ?  How about the 60's Army saying "we had to destroy the villiage in order to save it" -- ? 

We all know winds of change are beginning to blow on campus, and for good reason.  People are speaking out, other people are coming and ready to ask questions, and I'm just waiting to see where the cards fall after the dust settles.  I'm hoping for the best... am willing to be part of the changes that will need to be made... and yes, actually still have hope for our future AND the future of the kids we're trying to help.  What doesn't kill us hopefully will make us stronger.    The fabric of our campus is falling apart; what can we do to keep from bottoming out?

Chances -- and changes -- are necessary, ASAP.  An old Pink Floyd song goes "You take the blade... you make the change... you rearrange me 'till I'm sane" comes to mind and kind of relates to what's going on at our campus.  POTENTIAL Agents Of Change will be decending upon us soon, and we need to not be afraid to speak frankly of our concerns.  The insanity needs to stop.  We can't go forward without upheaval, as painful as we know it is sure to be... we gotta do what we gotta do.  At very least, the saying "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY" should be foremost in your mind if a supervisor or someone from Austin comes around and asks you questions... just be prepared to accept that the truth isn't always flattering and often will hurt.  But the truth will also set us free and re-establish our reputation as part of an agency that really cares for its employees, the youth of  Texas, and our communities. 

We deserve to earn our pay as CORRECTIONS OFFICERS instead of ... what?  24/7 daycare workers?  Better to die on our feet that live on our knees, Brothers and Sisters.  Let the truth be told!

Just to be clear on this matter -- I remain willing and ready to play a bigger role (besides site webmaster) in being part of the SOLUTION at TYC Giddings instead of contributing to the PROBLEMS we face.  My solution ideas include brainstorming with ANYone and EVERYone who can come up with reasonable ideas on what MIGHT work.  I have ideas on how to help the kids learn a new trade and establish their own businesses, for example.  I do NOT want to destroy the villiage to save it.  I DO want to see that what DOESN'T WORK be removed from the way things are done... and then have the remaining parts stitched together into something new and FUNCTIONAL for a change.  Guess I'm ready to quit playing Let's Pretend.  SIGH.   Where's the Emperor's clothes when he needs them?  All we all sheep??!

What say we could have a bonfire of all the CoNextions (how illiterate!) binders out on the football field, huh?  Invite the kids, teachers,  and JCO's -- only the poor unfortunates who've actually had to put up with it.  That'd be a start, anyhow, but doubt if it's in the cards any time soon.  Quite a shame it is, too.  Austin/Admin bought into the system a few years ago when obvious changes WERE NEEDED -- but ConFections... ahh... ConVictions.... urr, ConNextOnes was soon discovered to be the WRONG PROGRAM for our situation... and nothing was done.  And we're paying for it in spades now, right?  You bet!!

One last platitude:  "You make your bed, you sleep in it".  OK, that's what we've done.  Now look at the mess we're in.  Time to clean the sheets, time to pay attention to our mission and mistakes, and time to end the insanity.  We'd be crazy not to.

No fooling.