Probably BEST that the question I posted on YAHOO! to be potentially asked of President Obama remains annonymous HERE, anyway, for the time being.  But I did have some questions... and he's going to maybe be asked them on a live YAHOO/TV question-and-answer program to air today.

Not to be toooo coy about things, but I DID mention a few recurring themes here... some sense of the seriousness and urgency, I hope... my faith that he would have the courage to open the Can Of Worms TYC is/has become before we all auger in.  I hope.  It's out there -- and fate may decide if it ever reaches his eyes. 

I wrote since I DO NOT TRUST the honesty and sincerity of my Ultimate Boss, Governor Perry in a Man-To-Man sort of way nor do I RESPECT him -- that "Nigger Head" rock story I read in the paper this morning made me want to puke -- I needed to appeal to a Higher Authority that I've been able to so far... because we were mopping more blood up off the floor every week, and things were getting worse.  My Dad always said "take your problems to the Top", and that's the best I can do today.  We'll see what happens.  Told the President if he replied I would be happy to provide him with the address of this website, which would be useful in providing an overview of the problems we all currently face.  We'll see.  If someone reads what I wrote and blows it off, I said my options were pretty limited.

I could just quit work... stop doing what I think is right/appropriate/necessary... play "let's pretend", or try to ignore and deny situations as they are.  Or -- go postal.  HA!!  I didn't mention that to him, but kinda thought 'bout it.  Hee hee.

Seriously, I also mentioned I realized the (specificly un-named corrections) Agency could fire me "at will" (AKA "for no real WORK RELATED reason") if the Administration thinks it appropriate.  Wrote of how the word "whistleblower" is SUCH an unpleasant term, and that I prefered the word "advocate"... and probably could have added "ACTIVIST" and few others, too.

I've gone as high up through the chain of command as I CAN.   We'll see what happens, if anything.  And if nothing does, well, that's allright.  There's always more irons in the fire, Pardners.  That I know FOR SURE.