Sorry that the best The Hill can come up with to JCO questions at a recent campus wide meeting are various shades of the "I don't know", "It's hard to say",  etc variety... what DO they know?  Obviously, no plans... and clueless as to the real nature of what's been going on at the dorms.  It's out of our control to promote postive change?


DO they have any short or long range plans/ideas/goals??  ANY???  Must be nice to get scheduled time off,  but what do -I- know about THAT?  Nothing, as it turns out, for the past couple months.  Man, that stress leave stuff sometimes seems like a pretty sweet deal compared to watching dorm culture crumble away more and more every day.  When the bottom line is hit, most likely they'll be someone's blood on the floor -- unless the way things are now are just hunky dory and the official line is for all of us to "just be glad" we have a job.  Oh, I see now how things work. 

Less delicately put, did I just say "put out or get out" -- ? 

Hmmmm.  Serious business here, but the watch phrase seems to be "do what you gotta do to get by".  Sorry to say, I'm not getting by a whole lot real well much often, thank you very much.  Even -I- can recognize the obvious symptoms of my being under work related stress whan I come home and SCREAM at my spouse that they are a ******* ***** if you know what I mean... and slam the bedroom door shut as hard as I can -- after coming home from hours of trying to "supervise" a dorm full of unconsequenced youth who are hellbent on being as loud, sexually/racially/every-which-way  offensive, vulgar, and violently out of control as they want.  I'm humbled to have to apologize for being such a you-know-what and acting out in the same way THEY DO.  And THAT stinks, if you get my drift.

What to do?  Who's gonna give, who's gonna give UP?   Without any support/authority to exercise , I've  become flabby and well... again... what to do?  Give up on TYC as a whole, the kids, personal dignity, right of expression -- what's left?  Is it fair to come home with a headache every night and have to buy our own aspirin?  The kids, well... as always, we serve as role models, for better or worse, like it or not.  Look at what we created -- and will  be sending back into society where good people like you and me and our loved ones live. 

Nahhh... I can't look.  The future's so bright, I gotta wear... what... BODY ARMOR??!  No wonder things have gone to a critical mass stage and are quickly approaching meltdown.  Sigh.  Guess I'll do what I have to do to get by and make the best of things... and give up?