Here's a letter from Officer JCOC3P0:

"Just would like to know if anyone has noticed a change in attitude around campus?  Students going around with their T-shirts out, or pants way down low.  How about the tight cuffs; does this bother anyone other than myself?  What happened to no talking in line movement?

Does it piss you off at the med window when students sit down and you can't refer them.  Funny how staff still yell at students to tuck thier shirts in or uncuff their pants and the students just blow them off.  Thought by now staff would have gotten the message that yelling or even politely asking students to do something just isn't going to happen.  If a student isn't at parade rest at the school, just chill -- THEY AIN'T GONNA LISTEN!  So stop YELLING!

I used to believe we could be a change agent, I actually believed this way was our way of doing business.  Not sure who gave up and let the students take over but I do know it's useless to check or confront students until we CHANGE THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS." 

I concur.