Here's some excerpts of what I've been hearing and reading lately... thanks y'all for the input!

"Please advise on who is going to be responsible if one of the students get hurt.  The dorm is out of control and it doesn't help go to check or confront students anymore because they just tell you to go f*** yourself."

"The students who are trying to sleep can't, and are starting to get upset with the others and and I'm afraid they may get into a fight with the non-compliant students."

"... after the students came back they just laughed and said you know they're not going to keep us and again started cursing staff."

"Why isn't the abuse or ombudsman hotline working?  The dorm is unsafe at this time for students and if we can't refer kids that get out of hand things will only get worse.  This is a safety issue that must be addressed.  I don't want to see any staff or student get hurt simply because we don't want to place them in security."