If a picture is worth a thousand words, it's time the people on The Hill and in Austin take a close look.  Y'all are shooting yourselves in the damn foot by not giving a rat's ass about what staff have been saying... what I'VE been and YOU'VE been saying on this site -- and when the time comes to pay for thier inattention I'll have no sympathy for what they've brought upon themselves.

What we all know, already, is that the necessary changes are going to be painful... but more painful than what you see above?  I DOUBT IT.  More painful that what we're having to currently put up with?  I DOUBT IT.  I'm tired of the worthless JCO 6's who have Admin whipped and wrapped around their pinkies.  They manage to draw a paycheck for riding around on those cute little EXPENSIVE John Deere vehicles... and do NOTHING to help me, my co-workers, OR the kids.  I'm ANGRY at the JCO 5's for passing the buck and not doing any supervising.  But hey!!  Go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot... if it makes you feel better.  I'll be the FIRST to scream "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" when the bullet hits the bone and the shit hits the fan. 


No, it won't be pretty, but then ignorance, hubris, and arrogance rarely are, eh??  Oh, well... be sure to let me off the rails of this crazy train before we slam into the wall!! 

Sing it, Ozzy...