If someone is ALWAYS LATE coming in to work then eventually they're really not late, you follow?

FOR YEARS a co-worker came in late, every shift, 10-15 minutes or more after the hour.  We complained and complained about it, and were told time and time again by the JCO 6 that at least this person eventually DID come in consistantly, and what would we rather do -- work another 15 minutes or another 4 hours?  Ok, I get the drift... but... sorry...

That's the WRONG ANSWER.

Or how about this -- you're walking under the metal detector to get out of the gatehouse and head to home after your shift.  The person at the desk asks you to stay another 4 hours, or to be back 4 hours early.  Ever have that happen?  I can sometimes understand a person calling in 5-6 hours ahead of their assigned shift.  Sometimes people just feel bad... and if they do, and have sick leave, they are entitled to use it.  Trying to hold folks to a "gotta call 12 hours in advance" criteria for getting sick time is sick in itself,  but ohhhh, well. 

Not knowing what's the official TYC time is can't be used as an excuse to arrive late -- that atomic clock on the wall is accurate enough for me.

But if someone calls in 15 minutes prior to their shift and cries they can't come in -- and has a phoney baloney excuse -- and they ask ME on my way out the door can I pull some more hours, well, it's certainly difficult to be eager to do so.  Geeze.

As long as I'm given a respectable amount of time to psychologically gear up for an extended shift, I don't mind doing some of them on occasions where genuine need exists. 

While I'm thinking of it -- wonder how that safety sign got stuck on "2" days for... how long now?  NOT very convincing!!  And what's the deal with the sign in sheets that still have the names of folks who've left employment months and months ago?  I would hope for ex-workers privacy's sake that the list would be updated to reflect the names of those who actually are working.  Maybe it just LOOKS BETTER with all those names still there, but my opinion is it's careless paperwork.