Here's the Official Line, taken from the Official TYC public website:


Texas Youth Commission staff adhere to these principles:

  • TYC will create an organization of which all Texans can be proud.
  • TYC will value its employees as the agency’s greatest asset.
  • TYC will create an organization where teamwork and collaboration is paramount.
  • TYC will create an organization that will care about the youth in its care and will strive to make a positive impact on their lives.
  • TYC will ensure the public is protected by always maintaining safety, security, and control at its facilities.
  • TYC will create an organization that will be accountable for its actions and that will admit its mistakes.
  • TYC will create a culture of communication and cooperation throughout the organization.
  • TYC will promote sound juvenile correctional techniques, best practices, and research.
  • TYC will protect the fundamental rights of youth. 

    OK... so far so good.  But does not "TYC" include EVERYONE in the Agency, from top to bottom?  That would include JCO 1-4's, their supervisors, the cooks, admin, folks in Austin, etc, right?  Sure thing.  We are all in this thing together, for better or worse.  Since we ALL are expected to adhere to these principles... let's hold ourselves and each other accountable.  Let's get to the primer coat, and try to figure out who needs to do what to help make our dorms safe again and for us to be able to really do the job we're expected to!

    It's time either keep your head in the sand or not.  Does the emperor have clothes on or not?  TYC is changing; it's going to change more.  You know we've got some pains to go through... but it seems to me it's a better road traveled to be PROACTIVE for POSTIVE CHANGES instead to sit around, do nothing, and turn a blind eye to the problems we face. So... click on video link below if you're to the point where you're MAD AS HELL AND AREN'T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!