But what if the kids DON'T comply?  What then, especially if it's a group non-compliance?

By the book, it'd be the check in/thinking report/time out/LOP routine for individuals who simply were defiant and refused all checks.  If those interventions don't work, we can (I guess) start referring them.

But say a kid just is cursing, or out of dress code somehow, or is a little touchy-feely with a peer, or isn't into group movement.  He's bust being contrary... having a bad day and is in a non-caring attitude.  WHAT DO WE DO??

I really question what the rules and expectations are any more for us to follow.  The good old hard-and-fasts that I can depend on knowing what is the RIGHT thing and the EXPECTED thing to do as a JCO.  Take marching for example.  No one ever told us it was unnecessary anymore... it just sort of ...fell away, like so many other valuable skills and habits.  So why have the kids do a MARK TIME -- or do front/side arm checks (remember those!) and such?   Is talking during movement just expected??  Used to be, we'd stop the line if they were talking or out of step and wait till they got it right -- and if they didn't might sit them in chairs back on the dorm for a while.

When supervisors tell the JCO 1-4's to do this or that, or give them training sheets to follow... and then don't go by them themselves -- it's hard to get motivated to do the right thing.  If I'm going to be expected to hold the kids to a particular and specfic standard of behavior, I want to know WHAT EXACTLY is expected at this point in time, and what options do I have to encourage compliance.  Is sitting the kids in chairs for 55 minutes of every hour of their day in behavior groups still OK?  I don't know... never seen it used anymore.   How about if they have or share a snack that's obviously contraband?  A free world pen in their PA?  What do we do nowdays???! 

Doing nothing is no worse than doing something ineffective inconsistantly.  I'll be ready to follow the gameplan as soon as I'm informed of what the rules are and what position I'm expected to play.