Happy TJJD Day!

Let's all make a special effort to work with those who set policy and those who follow it here at TYC Giddings... and by that I mean we need to make the best of a bad situation.

Those who make policy, say, regarding CoNextions -- THEY  don't have to fill out the paperwork.  THEY don't have to deal with the kids who don't give a rip if they get 1's OR 5's, and can't be consequenced enough, on a daily basis, to make them modify their behavior.  If they want to call the current system "evidence-based", they can.  I prefer the term "surreal".  But then again, if it generates enough smiley-faced paperwork to have it LOOK like it's working, then everyone from the supervisors on up are gonna say everygthing is just GRAND.  Sure they are.  See?  Look at the paperwork!   All we have to do is Pull Together, they tell us.

Heave ho, Mateys!