No, there's nothing much positive to say today.

It's probably a GOOD THING that a blog post I'd just been writing on got poofed out into the ether after I got a little trigger-happy on the mouse and blitzed it off to never-never land.  I was getting just a WEE BIT testy there towards the en d... and while I can never hit all those exact same keys in the exact same order, below is the gist of what I had written. Enjoy, and keep posted.  Sure there will be more fairly soon. GRRR.  Topics included were:

Constantly having to work with not enough staff, too many kids. Danger factors are having TYC "look bad", or, having staff or youth look bad after they've been assaulted/raped/killed... stuff like that.   This all the time being out of ratio is illegal and I'd imagine still contributes to the ONGOING sexual and physical abuse of youth and staff.  Any disagreement so far?


225's not even finished being written by the time youths return to dorm, even after being referred for a CATAGORY ONE assault.  We've got youth inciting riots, threatening to kill/spit on/kick in  staff's face -- with no consequence.  No doubling up in Security cells, even though this was common practice in the past when necessary.  Why not now?  Are the 225's getting round filed and never entered on the kids' records?  What if they ARE?  Hmmmm.


Pepper spray NOT being used judiciously, when it can and should be... the kids know it's a "last resort", which means that they MAY get it AFTER JCO staff have been assaulted.  Guess we're expendable, in order to keep those figures lookin' good, huh?  Again, what "looks good" may actually not be what it seems in terms of costs and benefits... but spraying kids IS justifiable in certain circumstances and needs to be employed when appropriate if TYC wants to keep healthy employees.


I was just getting ready to access the Gateway intranet here from my home computer but gee... seems like I USED to  be able to get the Employee Handbook and some other functions at home... but surprise surprise!!  The kludgey mess that is Gateway seems to be denying me access to most everything I want except my timesheet.  Imagine that.  I'm beyond being disappointed, having complained about the system to the head office at least a couple times over the past few years, with nothing having been done other than a couple pass-the-buck emails from people in who don't deserve whatever the State pays them to run their computers or whatever else they're supposed to be doing.


Again, probably for the best that I didn't make it that far.  I certainly had a few things I needed to look up, but will apparently have to wait to use the institution's computers, slow and awful as they are... and will just have to be patient.   Gots lots of other things to do today.