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Well, at least the first few links have some useful stuff -- but as of yet, there's nothing on the Facebook page.  No real surprise there, huh? 

GOOD NEWS is that if you Google "tycgiddings" (in quotations) you'll see links to this site, which will make it easier if you want to share it with others and can't remember the long URL.  Try it!

If there were any good news to share here with y'all, I'd do it.  But since there's not, there's not much more to write today.  I'm sure to come up with SOMETHING shortly, as every shift is full of drama nowdays. 


The more I research, the more I read about how everyone "in the know" from the Governor on down did all they could to cover up the Pyote scandal, how people got fired for telling the truth, for doing what they thought was best to help our "troubled" youth... and it just makes me SAD.  No one seems to care for us JCO's, let alone the kids.

Oh, sure, the kids get snow cones and off-the-books goodies, but that's not CARING for/about them.  The ugly truth and the ugly operative word here is BRIBERY.  The extent that us JCO's are being cared for is to be told to look for other employment if we try to offer unsolicited feedback.  That's sad, too.  The only thing the Higher Up's seem to care for is COVER UP'S -- and THAT'S what caused all the problems back in the first place!

So is that where we're headed -- again?  Another major meltdown?  I only know what I see and hear on my own and what my co-workers tell me... WHO KNOWS how deep the conspiracies/lies/deceit/facts-fudging goes?  I shudder to think.  No one seems interested in any reforms until the horses have all run out of the corral and someone comes up with the bright idea to close the gate.  That's no way to run an organization where OUR LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS and the KID'S FUTURES are concerned!  That I DO know.  Probably would be no worse off to just mind my own business and have the bile-tinged satisfaction of being able to say "I told you so" once the shit hits the fan the next time -- and we all know it will, eventually.  Very sad, indeed.

Who will be responsible and take the blame when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down?

Keep posted.