THAT'S what I want... as defined: Restore (someone and/or a State Agency) to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

OK, now that we've defined the term, I want TYC GIDDINGS' overall culture, policies, and procedures REHABILITATED since all are sick, sick, sick.  All I really want is to be proud to work for an HONEST and REALITY-FOCUSED State Agency where I'm valued and validated...  where there's opportunities to utilize my skills and abilities to best advantage...  a place to find some positive meaning and personal reward in service to others... things like that.  

Can't forget that GREAT health insurance, either!

To cure the problems with the kids and between each other and Admin, we ALL need to get with the idea of rehabilitation as being a GOOD THING.  This isn't going to be easy, since many would RATHER see the status quo remain as it is.  That way they can continue get away with their usual bullshit and STILL draw a check.  Those folks need to be brought into the rehabilitive process, too,  -or- THEY can just get quit and get a job at H.E.B. or somewhere for all I care. 

BUT!!  More people -- inspectors -- investigators -- who knows -- are due on campus soon... we'll all see how that flies, or not.  Talk is cheap.  This website is cheap.  My ideas alone  are cheap... but put a few groups of us TOGETHER to brainstorm how to help bring about changes -- that is NOT cheap.  It's hard work!  It's gonna take some honest re-thinking of the way/how/why we do business, right?

Are we only in the business of generating paperwork to make the Higher Up's look good?  No, we are in the business of rehabilitating kids.  OK by me.  Let's saddle up and do this thing RIGHT, or not at all!   The test of our effectiveness is not how well the kids LIKE being locked up here, it's how much aversion we can instill in them not to re-offend and go to TDCJ -- am I right?  That's why we come to work.  Not to provide La La Land for juvenile felons... not to make it fun... to rehabilitate. 

They aren't gonna like it, either, and we ALL KNOW THAT already -- but that's what NEEDS to be done to bring them back to Planet Earth.  There's a Real World out there that the kids are being sent back out into with very little chance of success... and that's our partially OUR fault, admit it.  We need to show them what TOO REAL means, one way or another, since it's our JOB.  Having us JCO's back to being  in control ~~ doesn't that sound nice?  Sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind to get others to mind, hmmm?

My suggestions... my words to the kids (and anyone else who might ask) would go something like this:

"Here are some areas we're going to start working on for the next few weeks or until you've these developed postive habits and can continue them on your own, to your own benefit while at TYC and once you leave here.  If you refuse to rehabilitate your thinking and behavior, we will put zero's on your Conextions paperwork, your stage progression will be delayed, chances are you will extend your stay here, you'll have NO privileges, will be sent to security for more like DAYS at a time than HOURS at a time... and if you continue to refuse our efforts to help you then if over 16 you're heading to the Big House, sonny.  Do what you have to do, sure, but like it or not the following areas have been targeted to help you learn some discipline and self-control.

1. Marching -- or at least no talking in line movement.
2. You will all come to Parade Rest when staff enter the dorm or be consequenced.
3. No one leaves the dorm if anyone has cuffed pants.  Period.
4. The carpet area is a privilege that must be earned.  Restrictions from carpet will last 24 hours.
5. No being on football team, choir, work, snack shack restriction, yadda yadda yadda if you have ANY referrals.
6. Zero's for sleeping on top of bedspread, wearing doo-rags, head at wrong end, head covered, and/or no shirt.
7. Zero 's for eating before all peers are seated at table, being in the wrong assigned seat, trading food.
8. Zero's for using the racial term "nigga", throwing gangs signs/handshakes, contraband, cursing/threatening staff.
9.  CAT 1's for tattooing, piercing, fighting, assault on staff, lewd exposure, damages to State property over $50.
10. Staff will press criminal charges against youth for any and all assaults, sexual offenses, etc.


Too much?  Not enough?  A fair and simple enough start, anyhow?  Maybe just too REAL... and if so, screw it all.

C'mon, someone throw me some crumbs!