Click on the link above then post a SHOUT, please.  We're either pissing in the wind or not, and I'm not sure who's really interested in the future of the youth of Texas -- but I know I'M serious and that yes, I DO care enough about our kids AND my co-workers to just call a spade a spade and let the cards fall where they will.  But who to deal with??

The above link is yet ANOTHER missed opportunity, indeed.  Can we afford another one?  If the campus culture gets soooo messed up that "the cure is worse than the disease", what are we gonna do except wait like sheep for more injuries, or have to take more blood pressure meds -- or worse!  It won't be me bleeding, hopefully, or anyone reading this, or the kids.  But hoping may not be enough.

For anyone who cares to know, Senate Bill 653, Section 242.012, reads: "In each correctional facility operated by the Department that has a dormitory, including an open-bay dormitory, the Department must maintain a ratio of not less than one Juvenile Correctional Officer performing direct supervisory duties for every twelve persons committed to the facility."

Sounds straightforward enough to me... and... it's the law.  Not some local Giddings local policy or training sheet -- STATE LAW.  Pardon for being such a burr in the saddle, but, what's the SNAFU here?  Who cares to know?  When and why is honesty not the best policy when the stakes are so high that we GET THINGS DONE RIGHT around here... not ONLY legally, but also for the benefit of the youth we are trying to prepare to re-enter society, hmmm?

If we fail the kids, we fail ourselves.