The upside of the situation is if I just absolutely can't stand working at TYC, I can quit.  This would keep me from getting unemployment... but that's allright.  I might have to go lean for a while, sure, but my mental health, marriage, physical health, safety etc are pretty important to me, at least!  So I'll do what I gotta do to keep my job while I'm still employed and when the time is right, move on to others things with an amicable parting of ways.

The downside of working for TYC is they can just haul off and fire us JCO's 1-4  for ANY reason someone above my pay scale wants.  Now, this is something we all took as a given when we got hired, right?  The State doesn't like Admin to do that since it means the ex-employee can collect unemployment for at least a couple years and skate by.  And as anyone who's worked here for any amount of time already knows, people get escorted off campus for all sorts of reasons -- disclosed or not.  And many seem NOT to get fired for the oddest reasons, too -- right?  Anyone know of a staff who gets "disiplined" over and over and over or shifted to a different duty station... and has been here forever?  People DO talk.  People DO know things, and rumors always run highest when clear and honest information/facts are not known and freely shared. 

Such is no business of mine, particularly, but it's also odd that more folks don't seem to fight what would appear to be legitimate/illegal actions taken against them.  Maybe they just don't have lawyers?  Then again, there's stories those lucky individuals who who were let go with golden parachutes and/or out of court settlements and choose to remain silent for the most part... lucky for everyone, I suppose.

Bottom line is, no one wants to get fired.  Admin doesn't want to fire anyone, probably.  In order for us to WANT TO keep our jobs we need to be able to speak the truth to our supervisors and above, and they need to be responsive to our concerns. Then, everyone is happy.

 But ever been put "under investigation" and never told what for, or by who -- and asked not to discuss this with youth or staff or attempt retaliation??  Huh??  Co-worker just "disappear" one day... and no one knows why?  Notice how certain JCO positions/shifts/days off potential availability seem to open and close to certain staff and not others?  SOME people never stay over, or have to be visiting staff, or work 12's or a different shift?  ARE YOU IN "THE CLIQUE?"  No?  Well, guess YOU AREN'T a supervisor, at least, huh??!

It must suck to be us JCO 1-4's.