If you need to ask what TAO is, you don't need to know, and I can't tell you.  It's just the way it works.

But everyone intuitively grasps, I feel, the SPIRIT of the Tao... whether they act upon it or not.  And the Tao of TYC is the way we do business -- for better or worse.  We either Do, or Not Do.  That is the Way.  There is no other way.

TYC Giddings has lost its Tao.  We're given a course and told to set sail on a rudderless ship... so finding our destination -- let alone the Way -- is a pretty tough proposition.  We can't know where to go because we can't see ahead, and no one is steering.   We are where we are and are not moving; worse, we are STAGNATING.  Stagnation leads to pain and death, but then even positive changes are not always  easy, either... right?   Honest, frank discussions by involved parties from Austin to the dorms which lead to new ways of doing things should, in theory, make TYC Giddings a better organization for everyone -- but only if we acknowledge our present culture for what it is.  We ALL WANT to follow the BEST way, I believe.  What's keeping us from doing it?

Saw in a message to youth that "we" -- presumably Admin? -- want to see that the kids' stay here would be "as comfortable as possible".  Hmmmmmmm.  Yeah, I can see that.  Can you say slip-n-slides, snowcones, movies, game consoles, singing and dancing contests, (gag me) cookouts, etc etc etc?  Sounds pretty damn comfortable to -ME-!!  Is this the Way to run a corrections facility?  Is this gonna be a better summer for the victimizers or the victims??  Hey!!  A little cheese with my whine, PLEASE!!!  Why not spend the money we waste on the kids on the VICTIMS instead?  I'll bet grieving parents, abused siblings, and financially/emotionlly RUINED FOR LIFE folks would really enjoy a nice cookout prepared for them, huh?  Just kidding. 

Pass on the ketchup.

If some punk 16 year old Joe Delinquent raped/tortured/killed/stole from or hurt my kid in any way and got "sentenced" to a year or two here -- trust me -- I would be ... you know.  Unhappy.  Maybe a snow cone would help, or if I put on some Michael Jackson music or while I pop some more pills and take another slug  Crown Royal and try to forget... I don't know.  Anyone who has relatives, who owns property, is capable of fear -- have been made victims by our ahhh... youthful guests.  The Tao of youth is traveled without prior experience of the Way and is worthy of some indulgences, but knowing the worst you'll get for doing a felony is being locked up here is a pretty weak punishment/lesson  -- if you can call it that.  Without learning self control, empathy, responsibility, sharing, stuff like that -- one is unlikely to grow into adulthood, nor to stay out of some sort of correctional facility.  I want to see these kids leave here more CORRECTED than when they came in... otherwise, all our efforts, our taxpayer's money, and our time has been WASTED.  With a 50% recividism (last I read) rate for these kids, well, it's easy to do the math.

Yes, we need to be examples of the Tao of Adults, State employees, JCO's, men/women, Black/White/Hispanic, all those things.  We know our job is to role model proper and proactive behavior, and help them come to Tao in their own way.  They're certainly going to need it!!  When a kid tells me the only two things he has planned out to do after his release is to get a cheeseburger and get laid, it's more than a little sad.  It's pathetic.  I'm ashamed.  As they say, :"There are none so blind as those unwilling to see", and we ALL FAIL if they leave here with their eyes still closed to the direction they need to take once they pass through the gatehouse and into the Real World.  It won't be Disneyland anymore, kiddies... sorry.  Maybe you can go through a lot of fast food joints and live on ketchup packets?  GOOD LUCK!!  HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR STAY!!

Best quit here.  It's not in my Nature to be sarcastic.  There may be better ways to get across my meanings, that may be less abrasive to some readers here.  Sorry if you fit that catagory.  For those in high places who think since the truth hurts they need to alter the truth?  Follow your own foolish Way and fool no one but yourself, if you care to.  It's all part of the Tao of TYC.