The kids wore orange clothes.
They marched, and called cadence.
They all did "parade rest" etc etc.

They could lose their stage if they exhibited poor behavior.
High state youth acted as mentors.
Zero tolerance meant zero tolerance and everyone knew what that meant.

There's soooo much history a Newbie here will never know unless told about.  Anyone who worked here prior to the 2007 sex scandal revelations really knows what the "old days" were like... ASK THEM if they don't tell you about how situations were back then. 

And ask the veteran staff to tell you about being thrown on a dorm with basicly NO training and given a set of keys and told to figure things out on their own. 

No matter how short of a time you've been working here, I can only imagine your horror at the comparison of what was explained in Corsicana (which took TWO weeks?!?) and the reality of The Floor here at TYC Giddings.   Sorry... it must seem like apples and oranges, right?