Maybe the corner has been turned -- somewhat.  Compared to a couple/few weeks ago, I can see SOME improvement in SOME areas... not enough to have me doing cartwheels, but enough to cautiously hope that Admin realizes all is not well on campus and that changes are yet needed.  The jury is still out; let's hope within a few weeks I can report a favorable verdict.

The question now is "What part can and should I play in  helping get things back on track?"  The Powers That Be obviously want to squash this website, so to me it appears they're not being totally honest and upfront.  The results of the new "committees" has yet to be determined -- will they actually be effective?  Who knows...?  Some of the games have been put away and more kids DO get referred when we call them out -- but there's still lots of room for improvement.  And we STILL have Conextions to deal with, which is probably our #1 problem.

When a kid says "I'll accept all zero's" and goes right ahead and does whatever he wants since there's no other consequences we can apply -- we're going to continue to have problems.  I know that like most things, Conextions will someday be scrapped for something touted as being better, and one has to imagine WHATEVER it is, it WILL BE.  Until then, we're going to have to come up with something, somehow, to get us through until that happens.


The switchover to the new site name will be an ongoing effort and should be complete in another week or so.  Doesn't look like I'll be able to switch over the blog, but the guestbook switchover has been done and I'll get a new shoutbox up within the next day or two.  THANKS for contributions and encouragement!