Word I hear is that 3 (new?) JCO staff all quit on one day on one of the dorms... 2 to 10 folks, as I hear.  Not good.

Why would people FLOCK out like that?  My assumption is that they found that The Floor wasn't ANYTHING like what was painted in Corsicana.  The reality of the situation lately -- that is to say, the kids totally in control -- probably wasn't something brought up in their two week training course.  How to handle these situations?

Disipline would help.  Chairs would maybe work.  WORK might work... heaven forbid.  At least get them marching again. 

Immediate and potent consequences and sanctions seem to be the best bet.  And as much as everyone knows it but few openly discuss -- get rid of the CoNextions crap and get back to FIRM, fair, and consistant JCO authority instead of handling the kids with kid gloves. 

OK, OK...call me crazy.  But if anyone has better ideas, speak up.  I'LL LISTEN.