When Clint Eastwood says ~ http://youtu.be/mevxenJ6Mtc ~ he's pointing a .44 Mag 'tween a punk's eyeballs and letting him bet on if he'd just fired FIVE SHOTS... or SIX.  Go ahead... make my day.  Yeah, right.  Dare ya.

Let's get it out in the open, and not mince words:  CoNexTions sucks.  The kids know it.  We all know it.  NO ONE I KNOW HAS EVER HAD ANYTHING POSITIVE TO SAY ABOUT IT.   Is that right, or not?  You know it's true.

OK, I'm not an Expert, but I KNOW when a kid deserves a 0, he should get it.  Otherwise the program sheet would not have them there as an option to use.  We've been told not to give them ALL ZERO'S unless they were referred on our shift.  But then again, we're told we can't refer them, basicly.  

OK... now, when a youth is given four 0's and a 1 (being at the right place at the right time; behind the wire) for a total score of .2 for the shift -- IF they've been nothing but constant continual never ending ongoing disruption --  why do the scores get changed up by someone who wasn't even there?  What IS the lowest I'm "allowed" to mark a kid?  All 1's OK?  3's?  ALL 5's, all the time???  It just makes no sense why there's not the possibility for scores of MINUS 1-5, too,  you know? 

So GO AHEAD -- make my day.  WHO'S day, I ask.   The kids all pretty much "make their day" no matter what they do, or not... or if they get referred, or are given rarely carried over LOP's or other ooooh, scary! "restrictions".  Nor do they get what the State paid for anymore when they purchased this scrub CoNexTions program.  NO LONGER do they get MDT's, oh, no... they get evaluated off some rouge home-brew off-the-books checksheet where we mark down if they were nice or not.  And so the numbers don't count anymore, really, anyhow.  Sigh.  What a waste of time and effort and young men's lives and futures we've been part of while going through all that paper over the past couple years.

Go ahead.  Figure out how to make YOUR OWN day, if no one else's.