We have to understand one thing -- this is a serious place we work.

Or it's not.

But I am.
THE WAY things are going, all I can do is wish the best for everyone connected with the "recent event" on campus. I know you know what I'm refering to, without even having to say more than that.  IF you're not a 1-4 JCO and spend your R-Daze with your head in the sand,  you may not know what/who I'm referring to.  Allow me to offer help myself and other fellow co-workers find some closure?  Thanks.

You haven't missed a damn thing worth wanting to know. In short, welcome to LA LA LAND.  Here you will find 2 +2 does NOT ALWAYS  EQUAL 4 ~~ IF you're a supervisor or admin type.  IF SO... 

You can skew the books, pad the totals, do what you like as long as it leaves a rosy paper trail.  Whoo hoo.

You don't have to SEE or FEEL or HEAR the elements of OUR job reality, those of us lower JCO's, that is.  No, you're either not on the dorm, or, hiding out in the office or "running errands" of some sort, attending meetings etc I suppose.  Not ALL the 5's and 6's are scrubs, as the kids say, but SOME SURE ARE -- are you with me?  This is not a blanket accusation by any means, just a fact.

So if some can get away with it or don't get any hassle for it, they create their own reality.  A reality that is similar to what the kids are expected to "get" when they begin their offense cycle... and the Higher Up's do the same thing.  And so it's OK to change official paperwork.  OK to come to work late, take all the FMLA available, bribe the kids with toys and games and candy... yadda yadda yadda.  It's the it's OK because it's OK because I WANNA DO IT syndrome.  Sigh.  What role models!!?

Here's the payoff -- either our job is REAL serious, or it's NOT.  If it's not, then it's OK to leave female staff alone with 17 kids to be assaulted on a sex offender dorm, and to make folks work unexpected/undesired 12 hour shifts at a whim,  and to not have a system that WORKS to help protect staff from out of control youth.  It's OK.  It's OK to ignore and deny that NO ONE -- not ONE of my peers -- nor myself -- has had ANYTHING positive to say about ConNyuckNyuckNyuckshuns since it's implimentation... and it's OK to play Let's Pretend as long as it's not YOUR BLOOD on the floor.  Yep, everything's peachy, just like the half baked crap we get from Central HeadlessQtrs on down the pike to whatever it is they paste up (or not) on the gatehouse doors, etc.  Yeah, gimmie some more, bread, please.  I deserve it.

I do NOT deserve to live in a Country I LOVE and remain silent about the obvious problems anyone can see, if they care to look.  I do NOT live in La La Land.   It's my right as an American, State of Texas employee, taxpayer and VOTING CITIZEN to express my viewpoint on who I want to see running things.  I want to see some changes.  I want to see them before more people are hurt, or killed.  I am not willing to be fed shit or intimidated by those in public/politcal offices and services whose only concern is paperwork that  they can wag at their Higher Up's and say "Look -- it shows right here.  We're doing a good job."

Look at it this way -- it's NOT "about the paperwork" any more.  It's about people's LIVES... REAL PAIN... EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL SCARS FOR LIFE... THE FEAR... DEGRADATION... POTENTIAL LOSS OF INTAMACY... NIGHTMARES and oh yeah, the financial cost.  No problem.  Great State jobs like this have super insurance.

 But since the handwriting on the wall was studiously ignored, we end up with what we knew was coming.  Blood on the floor.  And remember, those of you who DON'T LIKE all those things mentioned above probably don't like Connnnnextings, either, do ya?  If so, just get another job!  It's OK!  Fill out the application form and we'll send you this back ---